Absolutely amazing

Not only is June a lovely lady, she seems to have a natural infinity with dogs. She worked absolute wonders with our barking dog whilst also giving a boost of confidence to my son, who is now able to deal with our dog. Nothing is too much trouble for June and I would highly recommend her.

Wendy S

Highly Recommended

We had problems with our JR lunging at other dogs and people to the point I worried about walking him, he also kept mouthing me to a point I ended up with bruises. Since having one to one time with June I have learnt distracting techniques and how to engage him to a point that I can now walk him off lead and he knows I’m in charge. June gave me the tools and confidence to do this she’s fantastic with both dogs and their owners. Thank you June.

Julie Mann

I've recently taken on a schnauzer from a rescue centre who was used purely as a puppy machine and then dumped . She was probably only kept in a shed with no integration with people and outside life. Her arrival at first was very calm and she very quickly settled in and became a very happy girl! But after approximately 8 weeks developed an annoying barking problem - basically she barked at everything. I was recommended to June through one of her former clients. Initially I asked June to assess and advise me on Bonnies' barking. We originally thought it was a habit she developed after her arrival but June advised differently and after June's prognosis, it all made sense and we are following the advice we have been given. June said it would take a long time for Bonnie to overcome her fear behaviour but we have all agreed that with our change of treating bonnie differently, we are seeing a difference in a very short time already. We are indebted to June. Thank you!!!!


Reactive Dog Max

In August we took Max home from the rescue centre. We were told he was reactive around dogs, but the true extent of his behaviour was a big shock! We couldn't go anywhere without him barking, growling and lunging at other dogs.
We were questioning whether we were right for Max, and if we would ever be able to cope. June was recommended to us, and I contacted her. June came to visit us at our home to assess Max. He behaved appallingly, even jumped onto the dining room table at one point!! June wasn't fazed at all. She was very professional, but she has a very calming, down to earth personality, that I found very reassuring. She obviously has a great love for what she does. Three months from when I first contacted June, we are at the stage where we can deal with Max's fear aggression, and he is improving all the time. We were given so much information and support which has proved to be invaluable.
Thank you so much

Sarah and Jim Dunstable.

Recall training...Success

I really cannot recommend June highly enough, she's very bubbly, friendly and was brilliant with my dog Angus who being a Schnauzer is very sociable and prone to following his nose instead of following me. After only 2 one on one lessons, Angus is much more responsive and coming back on recall on nearly every occasion, even in mid run to see another owner or dog, which he's never done before, the difference is amazing. June's method is simply but very easy to pick up and continue on every walk without making it feel like an effort. Angus and I now enjoy a much more playful walk where is attention is focused mainly on me. Which is exactly the outcome I had hoped for. You won't go far wrong with June on hand, 10/10 experience, well done and thank you so much.

Michelle K. St.Albans

Hyper Dog Max

Amazing!!!The best dog trainer ever! Changed my dogs hyperness in 24 hours!!!!

Kerri F. Dunstable.

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