About Lady Dog Whisperer

Welcome to my website. My name is June Quinn and I am a dog trainer, behavioural trainer and owner of The Lady Dog Whisperer.  I have three adopted dogs, three grown up children and an understanding husband.

As a child growing up in a flat in London, I was never allowed to have animals of my own, but I was a huge animal lover. So, I used to knock on my dog owning neighbours and ask to take their dogs out for a walk or to play with. Times were very different in the 1960’s (yes I am that old) and it was not unheard of for an eight-year-old girl to be out on her own walking dogs. I spent hours with them. They were my friends and I guess that’s where I first started to learn about how to build bonds with dogs.

I always owned rescued dogs throughout my married life and thought that I knew everything. How wrong I was. In 2009, I adopted a dog called Billy from a rescue. This was my first dog that I couldn’t communicate with. He was aggressive to every other dog and especially my old black lab. I was at my wits end. I even came close to returning him to the rescue. That’s is when I made the commitment to learn about canine psychology and dog training to help him.

Jump 10 years forward to today and I am now an assessed and accredited dog trainer and behavioural trainer with the IMDT (Distinction).  My science-based studies are always ongoing so that you can be sure I give my best to you and your dog. Why? Because I know exactly how it feels to be at the end of your tether. Not knowing where to turn. Not being able to go for nice walks.

So, what happened to Billy I hear you ask? Well he is my superstar dog. I know when he is uncomfortable, but he now acts as a Stooge dog when I am training rehabilitation to aggressive dogs. He stays calm, takes no notice. It has taken lots of time, patience and love but it has been worth it. If Billy could do it, your dog can too!

My accreditations are:

  • Full membership of IMDT Distinction
  • Understanding Canine Care and Behaviour CIDBT
  • Common Dog training and Behavioural Problems CIDBT
  • Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour IMDT/ Open College Network
  • Methodology – Understanding and working with Canine Behaviours IMDT/ Open College Network.

IMDBT courses for Behaviours

  • Aggression and Rehabilitation
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Resource Guarding
  • Canine Body Language
  • Psychopharmacology and Behaviour
  • Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours

 I am proud to be a member of the Pet Professional Network and a supporter of Glendee Rescue and Appledown Rescue.

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