121 Training


Is your dog walking you? Does your dog ignore you when you call him back? Sound familiar?

My 121 sessions are aimed at ironing out these and other obedience issues and tailoring to your specific needs. All training is carried out using positive rewards, kindness and understanding. Dogs have different personalities, drives and needs. Using scientifically proven methods, we can get the focus back onto you and build a better bond with your dog, making walks enjoyable once again.
121 Obedience sessions for dogs £80 per session.
PUPPY 121s

Some puppies find a class too overwhelming. Perhaps a class just isn’t convenient for you to get to, or maybe you’d like the whole family to do the training with your new puppy.
I provide six sessions to cover all the basics, advice on settling in your puppy and general puppy problems, such as chewing, teething, diet, socialisation and toilet training.
Foundations Obedience Puppy Training Package for 6 weeks - £300

One off sessions for general puppy advice, puppy issues - £80 per session.

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